Twin Flame Guidance


I'm Andre and I'm here to offer you Guidance on your Twin Flame Journey

Guided Meditations & Sessions to

  • Raise Your Vibration
  • Release Limitations
  • Be Crystal Clear About Who You Are
  • Live Your Life Purpose
  • Transform Loneliness Into Divine Love Within
  • Connect With Your Twin Flame

*Benefits Of Sound Activations*

  • Open Your Third Eye
  • Align Your Chakras With Your Highest Potential
  • Re-Program Your Subconscious Mind To Train Your Talents And Build Healthy Habits With Ease


If it's part of your purpose, you too may even learn how to

  • Channel Songs and Sound Healing

About Me:


Name: Andre Below


Purpose: Light, Love & Peace for Mother Earth


Passion: Creation of Healing Music, Being an Inspirational Twin Flame Guide


Greatest Gift: Ease


Trained Talents: Healing, Channeling, Life Coaching, Relaxation Therapist


You don't need to worry or struggle.




Take It Easy.


Sleep Like A Baby :)


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