I offer Reiki & Sound Healing


  • Reiki Session: 30 minutes for 33,33€ (PayPal) / 30€ (cash)
  • 4x Reiki Session: 4x30 minutes for 99,99€ (PayPal) / 90€ (cash)
    • Personally in Altenstadt, Hessen, Germany - or Distance Healing
  • Sound Healing MP3: ca. 10 minutes MP3 for 88,88€
    • Individual Sound Healing
  • Soul Song MP3: ca. 5 minutes MP3 for 333€
    • Piano and vocals with personal messages from your Soul

Learn Sound Healing!

Individual offers on demand:


*** About Distance Healing ***

Reiki is basically a hands-on-healing technique that the practitioner uses to channel Healing from Source (God, Spirit, whatever you want to call it) through their hands.

Distance Healings bridge the gaps of time and space, as all is connected in Energy. It gives me the opportunity to open a field of Healing for you, without me being with you physically.

Reiki & Sound Healing shows immediate results with feelings of wellbeing, relaxation, release & receiving insights of clarity. It also works on a subtle level for lasting improvements in all areas of your life. After your session, it takes about 21 days to fully integrate a healing experience into your being.


Reiki & Sound Healing is not a replacement for medical treatments!

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