The eBook


Bluebell - A True Time-Travelling Fairytale


(released 1st March 2017)


is a journey into the elemental realm of the Fairies.



The beginning of this short story:


"My name is Sara. I look like a bluebell. I wish to be a forest elf, but in fact I’m a flower fairy.


I love to jump around in the forest and sing. It makes everyone happy. Also, I’m the guitar player and leader of a band. They’re fairies, leprechauns and elves, and they play wooden instruments and sing.


My home is in a tree. My mum is sick. She will die. She says that I’m her last hope. She says she needs a shaman who sings for her. A human shaman.


I want to help her. I ask everyone in the forest about the shaman. But no one knows about a shaman. So I ask Mother Earth, and she says that the human I am looking for lives in the city.


The city. The energies there are dark and rough. How can I trust these humans? When they are in the forest, they trample everything and they don’t see us. Only the children sing our melodies. Which human can see and hear us? I will find him. What I need is courage. I will take my friends with me."

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