Sound Activations for 12 Chakras

Arcturian Sound Activations:

12 Chakras Balancing & Healing

with 432Hz Music and

Channeled Vocal Sounds & Visualizations


The Arcturians are an ancient star race, highly advanced in many areas such as science, technology and philosophy. They help humanity on earth for love, peace, joy, and harmony.


Light Up Your Chakras! With Arcturian Sound Activations - Channeled sounds, working on your subconscious, removing blocks and old belief systems, balancing energies, installing your highest potential, sending energy healing.


You can listen to the first four Sound Activations for your Root, Sacral, Solarplexus and Heart Chakras for free.

Tune into it and feel the vibrations for yourself: Arcturian Sound Activations for 12 Chakras


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