About Me: The Dream Shaman




Let’s "Heal the World



Make it a Better Place



For You and for Me and the Entire Human Race"



(♫ you know that song, now sing with meeee ♪)

My name is Andre Below,


I was born in Frankfurt, Germany, as a Natural Creator and Teacher with the Life Path Number 33.


I love to create for the Joy of Creation, and I can’t stop teaching what I have learned on my own path.


As an Old Soul I embody all the gifts and talents from my many lifetimes.


In this lifetime, I developed a deep passion for playing on musical instruments, composing and recording songs.

Studying Music, English, and the art of Teaching it for High School Students, brought me closer to sharing my own Joy with others, and satisfied a lot of my curiosity for topics I was interested in.


However, school still feels like a prison for creative freethinkers, and my curiosity about myself wasn’t satisfied at all.


Discovering myself, my Soul, and my Purpose, I got into Spirituality, Meditation, and Reiki, and an Awakening Experience in 2015, right after I had finished my state examination for teaching.


It changed my whole life. I discovered the powerful Healer in me. And I connected Healing with my natural passion for Creating Music. Transforming it into the tuning of 432 Hz and channeling Healing Energy while playing and recording.

This is how I started to create Healing Music, and I recorded the results in my late 2016 album Magic Numbers, which is also inspired by Numerology and Chakra Healing.


It later became the base for the Arcturian Sound Activations for 12 Chakras, where I used my voice to channel Sound Healing.

Developing a spiritual connection with my Twin Soul / Twin Flame, I also started to channel messages from her into songs.

The Creation of the Twin Flame Song was born.

Who's that guy?


Name: Andre Below


Purpose: Light, Love & Peace for Mother Earth


Co-Creator of the Arcturian Sound Healing Academy


  • State Examination in Teaching Music & English for High School Students #2015
  • Reiki Master (Healing Hands ♥) #2015
  • Fairyologist (for some Love of Nature, Assertiveness, and Fairy Magic!) #2016
  • Archangel Life Coach (our Spirit Guides love to help us Living our Life Purpose!) #2016
  • Realm Reader (what am I? Unicorn, Arcturian Starseed, or both? *lol*) #2016
  • Relaxation Therapist (including Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Autogenous Training, and Basics of Meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong & Tai Chi) #2017
  • Spiritual Healer (including Energy Clearing, Karmic Cord Cutting, House Clearing & Past Life Regression) #2017
  • Audio Engineer (for better Home Recording Quality ♫) #2017
  • Wellness Masseur (bringing the Feel Good Vibes to ya Body!) #2017