Andre has come to planet earth to make this world a better place!
Most of us have forgotten why we are here.
We have become sick of all the troubles of how "life" should be like.
Andre had been sick of his "bad luck" in love, of being misunderstood, exploited, and not taken seriously.
He was about to become a school teacher while dreaming about rather being a Rockstar.

Until he remembered why he is here:

Meditation became his favourite medication,

as he reconnected with his Inner Reality

to consciously create his Outer Reality.

Andre Below is The Dream Shaman
- creating his Dream Life
- channeling the Sound of Divine Love
He is an Interdimensional Peacemaker
- finding win-win-win Solutions

And because he loves to teach what he has learned, he created the Arcturian Sound Healing Academy


So that you can learn how to heal yourself,

rock your life and

help make the world a better place!


Andre combines intuitive skills with training - he is a:

Certified Relaxation Therapist, Reiki Teacher, Spiritual Healer, Fairyologist, Archangel Life Coach, Wellness Masseur, Audio Engineer, Music & English Teacher




Let’s "Heal the World



Make it a Better Place



For You and for Me and the Entire Human Race"



(Michael Jackson: Heal The World)


AWESOME NEWS! I will be a guest speaker on this Sunday's Live Show:

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