3 Practical Tips on Overcoming Your Fear of Sharing Your Voice

Are you afraid of sharing your voice, your mind, your feelings, your opinion, your creations, yourself with the world?

Here are 3 Practical Tips for you that help you overcome your fear of sharing your voice:

  1. When you are afraid, focus on service
  2. Shift your mindset
  3. Share your process

1. When you are afraid, focus on service


Is it really helping anyone when you hold yourself back?


Ask yourself "How can I serve myself and others by sharing my voice?"


By sharing your voice, you help yourself to open up, become more confident, and bringing your ideas into reality.


You also help others who are already waiting for you to share your content.


Maybe you're worried about who would be interested in that, but there is always an audience for you.


2. Shift your mindset


Shifting your conscious mindset with phrases like "I can do this, I believe in myself" only works to a certain degree on the surface...


The deeper power comes from accessing your subsconscious mind, which brings highly effective shifts in your mindset that move you forward faster and easier.


Past experiences are saved in your subconscious mind, for example, someone may have brought you down when you were a little child.


The negative emotions that have been imprinted into your subconscious mind from these experiences can hold you back without you even knowing it.


By embracing your emotions with love, feeling and accepting them, they can dissolve on their own.


3. Share your process


Perfectionism can hold you back.


If you just want to share your voice and your creations when they are perfect, this moment may never come...


You can overcome your perfectionism by embracing the process of your creation.


Instead of waiting for the final outcome, share your process.


You can say "Look what I am currently practicing..."


And with that you are accepting yourself on your path, and also other people can find you and give you feedback, encouraging you on your journey.


And now, let's put these words into action!


Write a comment to share your process: What are you currently working on that you want to share with the world?

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