6 Traits of The Perfect Person You Must Date


It's Valentine's Day very soon!


And you may ask yourself:

What am I doing on Valentine's Day?

Who am I dating?


Here is your answer, your date should be:

  1. deeply in love with you ♥
  2. forgiving you for all your past mistakes
  3. fully present with only you now
  4. having the exact same vision of your bright future together
  5. looking as beautiful as you
  6. wearing the exact same clothes like you...


... wait, what?!?


The exact same clothes?


Yes, that's right.


Guess who that person is?




You need a hint?




OK, here is your hint:


Look into the mirror.


What do you see?





You guessed it right, that is your date.


You found your perfect date.


Now do yourself a favor, and go on a date with that perfect person.




Write a comment about your date!


Who are you dating?

What are you doing?

How does that make you feel?



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Comments: 2
  • #1

    Andre (Tuesday, 12 February 2019 13:59)

    Hi I'm dating Andre on Valentine's Day and we go to the cinema to see "How to train your Dragon 3: The Hidden World"
    The trailer makes us cry already, we are feeling so excited to have a magical time together!

  • #2

    Dr.Brie (Tuesday, 12 February 2019 19:51)

    Andre, This is the best blog I have seen in awhile. You brought out the mirror effect good for you!!!!

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